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    Your journey to allow

    aliveness evolution feeling connection

  • The Gong


    A gong is a piece of metal that has been shaped by thousands of hammer strokes and transformed by fire.


    Through this process an instrument is created that emits archaic sound waves - sound waves that you resonate with no matter how strong your armory is.

  • The Purpose


    Aliveness is movement.

    The gong can bring nano-movement to the cells in your body that so rigidly hold onto a survival strategy in order to make you survive.


    Something very different from survival is possible as soon as you turn 18 years old:

    You can choose living.


    Nobody can choose living for you.

    Nobody can prevent you from living.

  • Evolution

    Living is a necessary part of evolution.

    Evolution happens without living and creates less aliveness.

    And Evolution happens with living and creates more aliveness.

    You can choose every day between going one steep towards

    stiffness, rigidity, numbness, isolation, being right, superiority


    flexibility, feeling, flow, togetherness, acceptance, being-with


    In non of the modern cultures, including all indigenous cultures I have met so far, feeling is tought, initiated or even talked about.

    To hold space for experiencing feelings involves

    - distincting the emotional body

    - distincting anger, sadness, fear and joy

    - becoming centered

    - distincting feelings and emotions

    - doing the EHPs that emotions doorway to